Jan 4, 2006

Big enough 4 me, more freebies & poo is sad

I would like to rock more japan related gear. Cool stuff though, I'm not a kid so I don't wanna roll to the mall sportin' an Inuyasha shirt with an "Otaku, Get your freak on" backpack. I have been on a mad search for Japan league sports apparel that would be big enough for me. I usually rock a 2xl for comfort. Plus I am fairly tall for an Asian Pacific Islander type. To my dismay no 2xl could be found where I looked for sports apparel in Tokyo. While Cabral's dainty ass got to buy "one of each" cool jersey we found I got stuck with a Japan National Team wristband, as that was the only thing that would fit my big ass.
GOD BLESS YOU www.worldsoccershop.com . They have the 2006 Japanese National Team jersey for sale & have 2xl in stock (limited quantaties though, I'll keep my fingers crossed). I ordered mine last night & of course I had to get nakata on the back with #7 on the front & back. Why? Because Nakata's such a pimp on the soccer field & the bitchez love him.

Cabral spent more money on cool dvds. This time it's the Rebel Samurai Criterion collection boxed set. The set features:
1. Samurai Rebellion
2. Kill!
3. Sword of the Beast
4. Samurai Spy

Oh, it's on! Burn baby burn!

I got my copy of Doggy Poo in the mail yesterday. I have to admit, I almost cried man. It was a touching story. About poo. It was really sad too. With a few minor tweaks the filmmakers couldv'e turned the movie around to create a more uplifting vibe. I felt as though Doggy Poo died. That made me sad. I didn't want Doggy Poo to die.


Langdon Alger said...

oh hell yeah!!!...I'll be ordering my team mexico jerseys TONITE!!!

Tsuji Eriku said...


JuanJohn said...

No inuyasha shirt!!!
Why not man?
I'm almost 24(this month for people who care) and I still rock my "Big Apple Anime Festival" shirt. I volunteered so they gave me a shirt that said that and "BAAF STAFF" on the back. On the front was a collage of different popular animes from the time. I wear it everyone, I never get wierd looks or comments, not one cares!

As for Doggy poo, yes I want to find it too. Where did you get your copy?

Tsuji Eriku said...

I too have my Anime Expo 2005 t-shirt. I am 29 & live at my grandma's house. I must do everything & anything I can to maximize my ability to attract the opposite sex. Although that has never been a problem for me in the past I'm sure you can understand that given the circumstances just me watching anime & reading manga is ENOUGH to throw salt in my "game". I must disguise my Otaku in order to travel seamlessly between the worlds of the Otaku & non otaku. Jesus, you must never have seen Densha Otoko JuanJohn. www.d-addicts.com

Tsuji Eriku said...

Bestbuy.com for the doggy poo dvd

Terrence Maddox said...

I'm gonna look for that dvd. Thanks for the info.

JuanJohn said...

"I must disguise my Otaku in order to travel seamlessly between the worlds of the Otaku & non otaku."

I guess thats why I don't care that much, I don't consider myself an "Otaku". I enjoy anime as a powerful story telling medium, the same as watching a film, television show or even reading a book.
People who read books and watch films don't have special names and aren't considered freaks ,so neither should people who enjoy anime (^_^)

Tsuji Eriku said...

Otaku nan desu. There's no doubt about it. Watch the Densha Otoko tv dorama. You can find the torrent at D-addicts.com . Cool points are hard to earn, I'm holding on to mine if it kills me!