Jan 10, 2006

Eriku's rant about Memoirs

So I heard this dude Arthur Golden writes a book based upon the life experiences of Mineko Iwasaki called Memoirs of a Geisha. Hmmm my first feeling was great a white dude wrote it huh. Yeah I know, I already told you guys I'm racist. Nah but seriously, I was thinking even if this dude grew up in Japan or lives there now HE IS STILL SO FAR REMOVED from the subject matter that he couldn't possibly have given an authentic account of how things really went down or do go down in the world of a Geisha. I heard he had some ahem "help" writing this book from Mineko Iwasaki
Still, I heard the reviews that this book he wrote was off the chain, da bomb & jiggy with it yo. Like the racist prick I am I still wasn't sold & didn't bother opening the book myself to take a ganders at what all the hoopla was about. Then I hear that Mineko Iwasaki sues this Golden dude for defamation & breach of contract. So a real life Geisha is already saying this dude is full of shit. Or at least a prick.
Then I hear that a major motion picture is being made based on the novel by your boy Arthur Golden. I almost spit out my sake when I heard that the actresses for the 3 main female roles were all of Chinese decent. Damn man I went straight for the throat of Spielberg, god let me just stop there before I get banned from posting. Let's just say I was floored. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of Ziyi Zang, Michelle Yeoh & Gong Li. I was in LOVE with Gong Li after seeing Red Sorgum, To Live, Chinese Box & Raise the Red Lantern. Michelle Yeoh is an awesome actress & Martial Artist. Zang ziyi is beautiful & talented also. You mean to tell me there were no qualified Japanese actresses that could have lent cultural nuances to the performances to add that extra bit of authenticity? Nope absolutely none. Afterall your average North American wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyways right?
I'm sure those jews sat in their meeting room & crunched the numbers & found that in order to maximize the appeal of the film they would have to use these actresses. Whatever.
In Golden's defense if Mineko Iwasaki was a popular/famous Geisha then she could kinda be considered a public figure & like it or not, if you're living life in the spotlight, pretty much anything you do is game. Mineko should have not trusted a white dude to NOT put her on blast & totally get her view skewed in the book. I finally did pick up the book, I must admit your boy Golden got some writing skills BUT I still got mixed emotions about this.
As for Spielberg......well I'm not stupid C.R.E.A.M. . I'm just butt hurt about all this.
I really wish that someone will do something REAL for the RIGHT reasons every now & again. Ya dig? Maybe not. I just hella went off just now hehe. Psycho.
I'm sending an email to my friends Yumiko & Michiyo both educated Japanese women, native born Nihonjin. I want to know what their feelings on this are. What do y'all think about all this?

P.S. If I got some of my info terribly wrong let a brotha know. Ja ne.


Freefall Jones said...

Umm. Well first--not to defend the movie, I haven't seen it, but--Steven Spielberg didn't direct this (his big historical movie out right now is "Munich"), some guy named Rob Marshall did. Not that you said Spielberg directed it, but just to clarify.

But before MoaG, Marshall directed the movie Chicago. Now THAT movie was totally inaccurate. I'm pretty sure people in Chicago during the 1920s didn't just get up and sing songs in the middle of a murder trial.

(Spielberg was a producer, though)

Tsuji Eriku said...

yeah, I guess I should've clarified Spielberg on the producer tip.

I sure do got an opinion about "Munich" too. But I think I went off a little too much tonite so I'll save it.

Tsuji Eriku said...

You are crazy freefall....ie. Chicago comment.

Langdon Alger said...

and why the hell does Diane Mizota have only a bit part in the movie?..she's freakin japanese...why doesn't she have a more significant role?!!

Terrence Maddox said...

I was also annoyed by the fact that the movie didn't cast any Japanese actresses in the main roles. I heard in the reviews that the movie seemed to be directed & shot from a Western perspective. I wasn't trying to support the f'n thing but B read the book & wants to see the movie. I tried to get her to bring B2 but most likely I'm getting dragged to see it.

Tsuji Eriku said...

Oh, I'll eventually see it. Whether I pay to go see it is another thing. I can't just piss all over the damn thing if I don't see it. I read some pretty bad reviews of it lately, the consensus seems to be that the filmmakers tried too hard to make a masterpiece. Resulting in a movie that's pretty to look at but it just fails to bring home the feeling that this girl's story is even worth making a major motion picture about. We'll soon see...