Jan 23, 2006

The Jpop idol debate.

Haro Projekuto

Double U

Hinoi Team

The Jpop idol is one of the things that I love most about Japanese pop culture. As you can clearly see it is an aspect of Jpop culture that our very own Langdon Alger embraces wholeheartedly. The fact is that alot of the Jpop idols are underage. Langdon likes ALL THE ONES 18 & UP he loves to point out to me. Which is a crock of shit because I happen to know for a fact he has developed an unnatural romantic love for a girl, and when I say girl I literally mean girl, he has never met that goes by the name of Sayumi Michishige.

What cracks me up is that my tomadachis & I will gather around the televi & watch a freshly downloaded torrent of a Berryz Koubou performance & just rip on all the grown men in the crowd jumping up & down with glow sticks chanting the names of the members after they sing their verses. "Oh my god look at that dude, what a homo!" Meanwhile we will sit for hours & watch them ourselves & not even think to put ourselves in the same catagory as the grown ass men that actually attended a concert given by 13 year olds.

My buddy Napalm was watching a Hello Morning episode with Berryz Koubou performing. His older sister busts into his room & is like "oh my god, you pervert!"

I am a fan of quite a few groups featuring underage idols. I am not into them for any other reason than the fact that they make great pop music. Langdon was like "dude this is like watching Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen!" I guess that argument can be made, but remember Kawaii culture originated in Japan. Nobody has the ability to create cute imagery like the Japanese media machines can. Plain & simple. It sucks because there's no way you can protect yourself from the people that will be sure to call you a perv or a pediphile cause you like this crap. It's kinda funny when we clown on each other & stuff but damn!

Yeah there are idols in the U.S. but it really is not the same. It's almost like idols in the U.S. push an ultra sex-charged image out there ya know, when alot of the Jpop idols bank on cuteness & fun. That's one of the big reasons I'm a Jpop culture vulture, I'm having the most fun I've ever had in my life right now, no shit. So I'll keep bumping my Hinoi Team, Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, W, SweetS & Paradise GoGo! & I'll deny it if there are girls in the room haha J/K.


Langdon Alger said...

you forgot to mention that you feel that watching Jpop is like watching cute puppies...cute, hot, sexy, young puppies....your words not mine...AND you're the one in love with Sayumi..YOU DO have her picture set as your desktop computer image...

Craig said...