Jan 30, 2006

Tsuji Eriku lead guitarist for "Demonseed"

This is my band Demon seed, people say we look alot like another band called Malice Mizer something or other? I'm the one dressed like the Crow

Playing Guitar Hero is the closest I'll get to playing this in my beloved Akiba.

I traded in my psp for a ps2 & Guitar Hero. It's the closest thing I'll get to Guitar Freaks ne? It kinda sucks that I will not get to rock out to any Jrock tunes but like I said it's the closest thing to Guitar Freaks so as soon as my homie that happens to be the manager of EB games let on that he had one left in stock I was on that shit faster than Langdon on konkon's alo hello dvd.

I played that shit for like 4 hours straight yesterday on the big screen in the front room. After awhile I started getting into it & started dancing while I was playing but I had to stop cause I wasn't hitting the combos & decided that if I was going to obtain the title of "shredder" I had better stop dancing & concentrate on "strumming".

I woke up this morning to go to work & was contemplating playing a couple rounds before brushing my teeth but I decided I had better not because I was already running late.

As soon as I got home & ate though it was on. 3 hours straight woohoo! Tomorrow I swear to god no playing until I make my Nihongo flash cards & study days of the week, time etc etc.
The more I play the more I realize how much I miss Guitar Freaks. Now I am considering throwing a chip in my ps2 so I can get Guitar Freaks. Now I gotta call up Yumiko to see if she can find a guitar controller for Guitar Freaks cause this controller is not compatible with both games. I think that is bitch shit. If there are any good condition controllers they have got to be hiding in Akihabara somewhere, I'm scared to order the used ones I found online from a store outta Singapore???

Oh yeah, I named my band Demonseed. Doesn't that just kick ass? It was either Demon Seed, Ciel Bleu or Mongorian Chop Squad or Beck. I decided on Demonseed. Ja ne!

I love Malice Mizer I'm just kidding.

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Langdon Alger said...

transcript of a convo I had with Eriku the day he got Guitar Freaks:

Eriku: "Hello?.."(breathing hard)
Me:"uh..why you all out of breath?"
Eriku: "I'm playing Guitar Freaks without my shirt on.."
Me:---dial tone---