Feb 27, 2006

Densha Otoko

A few of the otaku scum have left posts referencing a J dorama called Densha Otoko (Train Man). Densha Otoko is a best selling book, anime, manga, movie & TV dorama.

I first got introduced to Densha Otoko through the TV dorama & I fell in love with it. The story at it's core is a great one & supposedly true.

There once was a lonely otaku that never had a girlfriend & spent his days wandering around Akihabara obssessing over anime, action figures & video games. One day he is taking the train & notices a beautiful lady, his daydream is cut short by a boligerant drunken salaryman that begins to harrass people on the train. Most everyone tries to ignore what is going on as does our Train Man, until the salaryman starts in on the beautiful lady. This is too much for Densha Otoko to take & he conjures up the courage to stand up to the drunken bastard.

Later at the police station the beautiful lady asks Train Man for his address so that she could send him a gift to thank him for his bravery. Densha begins to day dream about the lady he met on the train & starts to chat online about his feelings & what has happenned. Immediately folks in the chatroom are intrigued by the story & soon they begin to cheer him on & help him in his quest for love! The other lonely bastards in the chatroom draw inspiration from Densha's story & they soon begin to take a cue from him & take chances to gain their own happiness as well.

The movie version is more realistic than the TV dorama version. The TV version was funny as hell but highly unrealistic. My favorite is the movie version. It was sweet & you really feel for Densha, hell I was rooting for him. Maybe I saw alittle bit of myself in Densha woohoo!

Please go out & get this movie, it will give you hope as a nerd that one day you too will find someone to love you just like Densha Otoko did.

Hell I AM Densha, minus the jacked up clothing. I mean look at the dude. Hell I like manga, anime, action figures, video games, Jpop & Jdoramas but I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT. Jesus man. Well I mean I guess there's not much yen left to spend on clothing when you've got a wicked hankering for comics & video games. Hell Masterpiece edition Voltron or a new pair of BAPES with the baby milo joints on em'? You make the call.

Please watch this movie THE END.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I loved Densha Otoko! Actually, I prefer the series rather than the movie. But I find Yamada Takayuki really cute. DO is one of my most favorite J-dorama. ^_^