Feb 17, 2006

Evil Spirit Disperse !!!

There's nothing cuter than when Sailor Mars executes the Evil Spirits Disperse attack. Except maybe when Sailor Moon or Sailor Mercury "transforms". oooh lala.
What's more gay, that Langdon sits down when he pees or that I like Sailor Moon? Moving on....
Although there are cute girls galore in this live action series one of the highlights are the damned monsters the Sailors fight. I think it was episode 5 or 6, they were fighting 3 monsters that looked like they had green vaginas for heads. wierd. It took a second before I realized that they were supposed to be cactus monsters ...I think. Then there was the monster that had a big ass propeller on the top of his head two wings portruding from the sides of his head with their own propellors, not once during the goddamn battle did he fly or use them shits to cut up the cute sailors. Instead he used magic to tie up Sailor Moon with some vines that were laying around. Chotto matte I take that back, I think he DID use his propellors except he didn't use them to cut the shit out of the sailors he used his propellors to blow leaves in the face of Sailor Mars to distract her. How gay is that? If I was that monster it would have been a blood bath if those Sailors even thought of effing with me. One of my favorites was the monster that looked like it was made with laffy taffy. Delicious!
Well I had seen torrents floating around for this show & never gave it a shot until JJ recommended it, & I fell in love with Kitagawa Keiko. Found a cool bootleg, I am definitely a fan now. Yet another thing to add to my otaku repitoire. Ja....

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JuanJohn said...

glad you like the show, I haven't had time to finish it myself.
Been working every damn day!!!
Money is good but no time for my precious anime and j-pop.