Feb 13, 2006

Kago Chan in the news

Pic in Friday magazine

Kago Ai Mini Moni plush getting her smoke on. Chotto matte, is that Mari's plush? It's gay that I even noticed or cared.

Jokesters making good use of those photoshop skills.

News report complete w/artists rendition of Kago smoking. WTF

Traditionally Japan has a low crime rate. Murders make national headlines. So sometimes I would be amazed as to what would make the news. Take this whole thing about Kago Ai for example. She was all over the morning news complete with an artists rendition of the incident where she was caught on camera smoking.
For some strange reason this thing has got me worried, is it because it has effected Nozomi Tsuji? Kago is 1/2 of the group W of which Nozomi is a member also. All W releases have been postponed & the Hello Project event scheduled for 2/11/06 was cancelled. All Kago Ai merchandise has been removed from all Hello Project official stores. At the very least her pictures are still up on the Hello Project website, at least they were last time I checked. Wonton @ www.wonton.net, called me up last night to let me know that Sunday's Hello Morning episode had been edited so that all footage of Kago Ai would be excluded! All for being caught smoking! This has me more worried than when Natsumi Abe & Mari Yaguchi had their little fiascos & were suspended from Hello Project.
Technically Kago Ai broke the law. That may be why it just seems that this little incident is getting way more attention than it should. I understand the whole idol image thing, hell Kago is senior to Berryz & H!P Kids, not very good role model material ne? I hope this all blows over for Kago.....I hope that Tsunku doesn't try to replace her in W. It just wouldn't be the same.


Langdon Alger said...

yeah..unfortunately most of yesterday's Hello Morning episode was edited..pissed me off too!!..first half was new but the second half was basically a "Best Of.." Magic Restaraunt clips..

Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

Argh! What is the world coming to? W without Kago is like Udon without noodles. Baka desu ne?

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's Kago's plush. Haha.

Tsuji Eriku said...

Thanks yee with no name. Hikaru "udon without noodles" ???? WTF