Feb 6, 2006

Tsuji's a Gangster. Da bomb. random.

Nono's showing me where to plant a big sloppy kiss, see.

Kochira wa Ogura san desu. She sings the ending theme song to School Rumble & is sickeningly kawaii. For the record I often rollerblade with nothing on except a pair of speedos. It kinda sucks when you fall though ouch!!!

(cultofpop) This pic made me tear up a bit. Why'd it have to go?

I love you Nono!!!!! Kawaii ne!!!!

You're missing out, get on this now!!!!

I just got into a big ass fight with my uncle's girlfriend, I basically "physically removed her from the premises" she wouldn't kick rocks so I, in so many words, let her know that her presence was no longer wanted in Tsuji no uchi. She wouldn't leave, so I had to give her a little help. Sayonara. Now the whole fam's buzzin', this will be drama for sure. It's been awhile since I had to get gangsta, as a matter of fact Langdon was present at my last outburst of aggression. Apparently one of my hutches' friends had no home training & had problems with manners. I kept telling her that I was 1/3 Slappahoe Indian & she didn't listen so I had to show her. This aint my M.O. but uh in case y'all didn't know this IS Tsuji no UCHI!!!!!!!! Respect mine or kick rocks. ON THE REAL IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS IT'S JUST ME SHOWING MY SICK SENSE OF HUMOR AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't condone violence! ESPECIALLY against women. Unless they don't listen when you tell them 4 times to have the rice ready by the time you get home from work.

Damn I'm sorry totally inappropriate jokes again. Gomen, Gomen.

Cult of Pop is the bomb. School Rumble is the bomb. Nishida Sensei is the bomb. Langdon Alger is not the bomb. God of War is the bomb & I'm just finding out now. 20 sick days is the bomb. BAPESTAS for the player price are the bomb. Torrentspy.com is the bomb. 6% raise on your annual salary is not the bomb. D-addicts.com is the bomb. Eriku is the bomb just ask your mom. Hinoi Team is the bomb. Asuka Hinoi is the bomb. If we got married when she became of age that would be the bomb. Hello Morning is the bomb. Hello Project is the bomb.

Ja ne.............................


Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

man, school rumble is fruken addicting! i watched 4 episodes in one sitting. I should be working...but the force is pulling back to Tenma-chan!

Tsuji Eriku said...

Deshou....it gets even better