Mar 30, 2006

Japan Nite US Tour 2006


Stance Punks

The Rodeo Carburettor

8:30 post meridian
The Independant, San Francisco

The Bands: TsuShiMaMiRe, Stance Punks, The Emeralds, The Rodeo Carburettor, & PE'Z

I had to come out of my honeycomb hideout to check out the Japan Nite Tour when it rolled into the city last Tuesday. I prepared by requesting some personal time off from work on Wednesday. Now that I'm grown I don't have the stamina I once did when I was a youngster. I can't go out then come into work the next day anymore. Physically impossible.

A modest crowd showed up, not bad for a Tuesday I guess. The otaku scum were out in force man. Hell if I had a dollar for every Jlist/Hot Topic Full Metal Alchemist shirt I saw up in that sumbatch hehe... nah but for real though they were representing man hehe.

A couple Nihon no onna no hito were in the house.
Flavor indeed!

Stand outs for the nite:
The Rodeo Carburettor
**Nice Rock n' Roll flavor here man, nice presence on stage too. They rocked hard & they kept my attention throughout their set. I enjoyed their performance alot & it moved me enough to part with my hard earned $10 & buy their cd.

Stance Punks
Great sound! Great presence on stage! That lead singer was crazy as hell. My favorite Stance Punks moment was when the bass player says "Thank you very much!" after a song then immediately says "....and fuck you very much!". Me & Cabral almost fell out laughing man that shit was hilarious. Their performance moved me to purchase their cd as well.

A great performance & nice way to finish the gig. They've got a little following going on out here in the Bay which is cool as hell. I already own their cd which I like alot. They also played a song that I hadn't heard them play

Gotta give it up to The Emeralds, you could tell that they were having fun up on stage. Favorite Emeralds moment is when they wanted the crowd to chant "San Francisco, Tuesday Nite, Rock n' Roll Party!"

Respect due to PE'Z for coming with a solid set, they were different from the other bands & variety is always nice.

I'm glad I came out, & I will always support events like this. Shout out to Ben Ten Tokyo & SXSW-ASIA.
Yo, I saw Audrey running around that nite but didn't get a chance to holler at her & say "hi". I did want to intrduce myself & to thank her for sending out the Ellegarden cd which is kick ass by the way! She looked preoccupied & there were alot of people around the browsing the cds & stuff, I'll catch her next time! Next thing up I believe is Japan Girls Nite 2006, I look forward to that, hopefully Red Bacteria Vacuum will be there hehe.

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audreybenten said...

Hi, Eric

Thank you for coming to the show and your report!
We will come back to SF again soon.