Mar 4, 2006

Watashi Wa Tokyo Suki & Random.

This pic makes me salivate.
Jpop listening station Tawa Rekodo Shibuya.

JR Yamanote line desu ne.
Shimbashi Eki.

Tsuji Big Pimpin it.

Nothing much to report here just wanted to say "hi". Picked up HalCali "Twinkle Star" last week & have been bumping it in the XTERROR all day ya nah mean represent yo. Got my shirts in from Urbal Clothing.

Props goes out to my man Diddley @ URBAL for getting his shirt line out there, check it out & support a brotha doing good ya nah mean represent yo.

Watched -Hinokio "Intergalactic Love" -pretty cool flick, pick it up if you can.

So desu ne.....That's it, be safe minna.........I Love Nono


Son of Gigan said...

Wait, they actually call it "J-Pop" in Japan? Shouldn't it just be called "Pop?"

southerncaligirl said...

Ya, that's weird. That's kinda like France calling the fries, French Fries.

Tsuji Eriku said...

Yeah they call it Jpop there too. It was wierd but Tower looked like the Tower records here except that it had a whole floor dedicated to JPOP woohoo!!!!! I was in heaven.