Apr 19, 2006

oooo la la

t-minus 14 days until.... I hit the heart of the city

I like this video because it gives us all a chance to see the depth of the cake that Sayumi & Ai have from the side. hm hm good.... kore wa cake desu. Yeah I know I'm wrong but if I had the chance I would, so I'm only keeping it real. Anyways they both are kawaii deshou!


Langdon Alger said...

that entire DVD coming your way soon..DLing right now...

JuanJohn said...

you know, I'm planning on going to Japan soo myself. I've saved more then enough money but I'm thinking of going next october. People tell me its a great time to go. Not so hot and busy as it is during the summer.

Have any advice or know of anything I really should do to prepare?

Tsuji Eriku said...

Word....bring lots of money for the hookers 30,000+ yen = $300+ & the Guinness Stout which costs 1000 yen a pint = $10.
Seriously though, first trip:
Bring lots of cash
Stay someplace close to the JR Yamanote line commuter loop. It goes in a big loop around the heart of the city and will let you off at akihabara, ginza, harajuku, shibuya, asakusa etc etc.
Remember legal age there is 20 yrs old don't get caught up playboy haha!
While I was in Tokyo in February shit was hella cold, September was hot as hell. Supposedly it's around 65-70 degrees there now. Good luck with that trip bro......Ja