Apr 22, 2006

Strangely erotic.


Um....I gotta use the restroom.

A couple weeks back I picked up a film called Marebito. It was definitely one of those J Horror mind f*cks. Wierd creepy & uh strangely erotic. This reclusive dude wanders down into the underground world below Tokyo & finds this pretty thing pictured above chained to some rocks. He takes her home to try & take care of her, but she won't eat. He soon discovers that she only drinks blood. So he goes around killing people & filling baby bottles full of blood to feed this chick. My favorite parts in the movie were watching her dine on well uh, suck upon the artificial teet of her baby bottle.

Harajuku "Takeshita Dori"
t-minus 11 days until I hit .....
The Hello Pro Store, so calm down Langdon & Hikaru


Langdon Alger said...

oh jeebus khrist!!..i still need to make my list...

Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

Hikaru's flow for Eriku Tsuji desu:
This is for you Eriku san!

clap yo hands everybody. eriku tsuji wa about to go

land in narita and off to see some fly kanojo no naka ni Tokyo.

He got a plan to get the riches and hump japanese b!tches

marry nozomi tsuji and she grants all of his wishes.

yeh, its like ichiban, niban, sanban, and yon

ganbare ganbatte ikimashou nihon.