May 7, 2006

I'm Back.....unfortunately

What's up you effing bum-outs. It's Tsuji back in this piece yo. I had a moderately sized load to blow over the two whole days I was in Tokyo. Shibuya got some of it, Akihabara did too & uh I can't forget Omotesando. BAPE Busy workshop in Harajuku was turned out & so was the Bapesclusive Store in Aoyama/Omotesando, I couldn't get into Bapesclusive when I tried the first day because some new shit was dropping & they were having a lottery for who got to come into the store. The line was long as hell so I went back in the second day to shop with what was left by all the BAPEd out kids the day previous. I was still able to get away with some nice shit though. The rumor that BAPE was dead in Tokyo didn't seem to stick....alot of kids still rock the shit.
I was able to hit up Santastic in Shibuya, & I feel like such a dumbass because it wasn't closed last time I went, I was literally around the corner from Santastic the last trip but I didn't see it. The folks in Santastic were cool as hell, peace out to them cats.

I spent some money in HMV Shibuya:
1. Minmi -Natural
2. nikka Lion
3. Morning Musume -Sexy Boy single/dvd
4. Beat Crusaders -Greatest Hits
5. Likkle Mai
6. Teriyaki Boyz dvd

In Akihabara I picked up some Vinyl figures for langdon & a cool little statuette of Tenma Chan from School Rumble that was on sale. I also picked up Under 17's best of volume 1 & 2.

I saw a pervert sneaking pictures of girls butts in Omotesando. I went to a maid cafe, I forgot the name of it but it was in the same building as Don Quixote in Akihabara. The line was too long. My feet hurt so I bounced. Hit up quite a few Izakayas & bars. Lots of Good food & drink.
Yumi Chan's apartment is down the street from Tokyo Dome & I wandered over there on gameday, Tokyo Giants fans were representing hardcore! Also there were quite a few kids kicking it near the arcade all cosplayed out. Wierd but cool. Got some Sashimi at the fish market...oishii sou desu! I wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for David, so thanks for waking me up. I got some omurice at Denny's...hehe no shit. Saw alot of beautiful women too, unfortunately whore mongering wasn't in the budget this trip. Poor me. I want to stay two to three weeks next trip, eff the shopping man, just explore & job hunt. That's all I can remember, I'm tired.

Peace out to Yumiko, Michiyo, Mizuho & Kumi for hanging out with your boy in Tokyo... the love will return when y'all come out to the Bay. Ja


Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

tadaima! glad you made it home safe homie! tabi wa tanoshii no mitai desu ne. I'll give you a holler soon. dewa sayonara

Freefall Jones said...

welcome back, bro ---nice swag

Tsuji Eriku said...

Thanks freefall

Hikaru I'm the one that says harder man