Jun 19, 2006

KREVA = Japanese Rap that doesn't suck

Kick the Can Crew, KREVA's crew

KREVA from the cd insert of "Love Expo"

Today I stopped by King Bookstore in San Pablo. It's a bookstore that carries CDs, VCDs, DVDs, magazines, toys, books, etc etc. From Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea & Japan. It is a regular stop for us fans of Japanese music. The reason being, the Taiwanese release of Japanese artists are cheaper than the actual Japanese release. I can literally get the same exact CD from King Bookstore that I could get from Japan Town for $10 or more less. What a shame, what a shame.

Today I was lucky to find a copy of KREVA's Love Expo cd. Yes, KREVA from Kick the Can Crew fame. I popped in the CD & listened to KREVA rip through 12 tracks. Dope dope dope. In other words, he pretty much shitted on 90% of the rap I've heard coming out of Japan so far this year. Believe me I am not one of those J fans that stays away from jrap. I love it & I know there's alot of good stuff out there. Everyone needs KREVA in their lives. Plain & simple. Beatz are tight & he represents on the Mic.
I've included four videos of songs that are featured on Love Expo. Enjoy & for God's sake go out & buy KREVA's "Love Expo" now!

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Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

KREVA Ripped it!!! All 12 songs on his album were flawless. You can pratically listen to the whole album without hitting the "Next" button. Tsuji Eriku wasn't lying when KREVA "shitted on 90% of the rapper in Japan." Kreva's album is hot. Thanks ES for the hookup!