Jul 2, 2006





1 Litre of Tears


What it do my weebles. It's Tsuji, & I've come here today to contribute to this jpop circle jerk called your opinion doesn't count.

I have not been up to much lately but I have been doing my duty as a dorama fan & watching all the goodies that I have comandeered from d-addicts, ok ok that I got from my man Big China.

Like I said before, the reason why I love this stuff is because #1 the chicks are steaming hot & #2 I am a hopeless romantic that craves the things that happen in these doramas. So without further adieu I bring to you a little something I like to call... TSUJI TEREBI aka....


Hot Man
-If you can get over being a macho prick & stop making gay jokes about my sexuality for liking a dorama called "Hotman" you will be entertained quite thoroughly. I happened to find a decent version & I am very happy that I decided to dig in & finish this series. Plus I am in love with Yada Akiko & she has a nice chunk of screen time. A story about a family that sticks together through hard times, heart warming & akiko yada is hot.....man. Older series but good.
Gyarusa -Langdon put a clip on the blog recently of Gyarusa aka Gal's Circle. I'm a fan of Fujiki Naohito, he's so kako ii & there's a shitload of HOT CHICKS. Laaaawwwwd have MERCY! Hello Pro fans will be happy to see Yaguchi Mari play a "Gal" in this one. Fujiki san plays a Nihonjin dude that was raised in Arizona by Indians. His good buddy Geronimo sends him to Shibuya to look for a girl named Imoko. While searching he teaches the badass Gals a thing or two about what is right & what is wrong.
1 Litre of Tears -Ever since I cried my eyes out like a little beeyotch watching Sekai no Chushin de I needed another drama that would bring me to my knees. Big China recomended 1 litre of Tears....
This one's based on a true story about a girl with an incurable disease, the writers supposedly used excerpts of the real life girl's diary to make the tv dorama. Jesus...I'm tearing up as I type. Oh & the chick is HOT!

Byakuyakou -How could I resist a drama where the same people that played Aki & Saku in Sekai no Chushin de play the main characters? This one is involved...childhood sweathearts, Kimpachi Sensei is a detecive that chases them down, Saku makes love to a corpse...um just watch it....(for jfans there were a lot of jokes just now, I leave it to you guys to um...just watch it dammit!)

Honorable mention: Nana! I picked up the vcd a couple weeks ago. I felt like shuch a homo buying Shojo Beat just to read Nana. I didn't feel like much more of a man picking up the manga for my collection either. But I can't help it I love Nana. Nakashima Mika kicks ass in the movie as well.

This concludes Tsuji Terebi aka What Tsuji has been watching the past few weeks. Do yourselves a favor & spend a quiet evening at home with a good J dorama. Woohoo!

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