Jul 25, 2006

Happy Berfday you effing Bumouts.

YODC Class of 2006
Yo that's me Tsuji in the back left chillin' with my favorite yellow cow plush "Niku"
Langdon's the one in the front middle holding his stuffed Koala on his crotch smiling

Well it's been a year that this nerdhole has been around huh. I am proud to say that we have contributed nothing useful to society this entire year. Hehe. In the time I have contributed to this blog I've managed to offend at least three A-Team members that I can think of & nearly got into a fist fight at least twice with Langdon. It's been fun though. Langdon says I've offended some members into not posting anymore. I can't take all the blame for that. He's done his fair share of leaving scathingly sarcastic comments leaving the poster feeling like a dumbass. Was it even necessary for me to have the words scathingly & sarcastic in one sentence? Anyways, it's been fun & the minute it isn't fun anymore I'm outta here. Be forewarned that I am currently in talks with my agent & a very well known blog publisher that wants me to head up a new jpop blog called the JPOP Circle Jerk. You asses stop making me laugh & that's it....Sayonara.

The Team & I were walking home from school today walking past the playground when Langdon blurts out "holy shit, is that Hikaru sitting on the teacups?" Since he's been avoiding us lately we decided to teach his ass a lesson & spin the teacups around until he vomited. Enjoy the video. Ja ne!


Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

Happy YODC Bday!

Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

After the tea cup incident I couldn't walk straight. I could only walk in circles. Damn tea cups! Damn then to HELL!

Tsuji Eriku said...

That'll teach you to quit hiding from us.

Langdon Alger said...

I miss my stuffed Koala..

Tsuji Eriku said...

Well maybe Fozzy Ulo would still be around if your Mom didn't have to "keep washing it" after you were done "playing with it". Poor Fozzy Ulo fell apart after the numerous washes, ya know, the damned thing was just cotton poly mix man it wasn't sewn together with metal wire geez!