Jul 3, 2006


My close tomodachis know that I have a wierd fetish when it comes to the wimminz. See....I like it when girls cry. I don't know what it is but I think it's kawaii & I just want to give the cutie pies a big hug. Then turn right around & give them something to cry about all over again. Hey I could be into other sick & perverse things like Hikaru & Langdon, we should all be thankful that it's just a crying fetish I have & not some kind of other wierd fetish like how Hikaru likes to smell girl's feet or how Langdon likes to drink girls' used bath water. I just like it when they cry.

So I thought of putting screen shots up of my favorite J dorama moments when hot chicks cry. First up is the Dorama 1 litre of Tears (what a fitting title) since I just finished it. Enjoy!

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wonton said...

I've got another dorama for you that'll give satisfy your 'crying girl' fetish. It's titled Attack No. 1 starring Aya Ueto...Every episode has weeping teenage girls.