Jul 12, 2006

Para Para

you gotta love a country where kawaii gals just jump into a public fountain & start doing para para...I think Langdon said....Nihon wa xanadu desu.

Kawaii Gals doing their para para thing in the streets

dancing para para is fun ne. no I wouldn't dance para para anywhere but in my shower I got an image to uphold.

Hinoi Team version "Play With the Numbers"
Yeah...there's 4 I'd like to play with.

I am mesmerized by Hinoi Team. So kawaii. So wrong. But I have to admit they are my para para dream girls.

I think I figured out why I like para para. It kinda reminds me of that old school high energy vibe that I used to dig. Hell I like to watch kawaii honeys para anytime...but yeah it kinda reminds me of a super charged high energy sound.

1 comment:

Langdon Alger said...

that first clip basically captures my idea of heaven...basking in the sun without my shirt...sippin' on a brew and watching a bunch of hot chics gettin' all wet dancing in a fountain...