Aug 5, 2006

Otaku Scum with a side of Kitade Nana please!

Well when you're into jpop & the like, rubbing shoulders with the otaku scum is just something that goes along with it. Yeah that's right YODC/Planet Tokyo Crew members are the ones that, even though Langdon's dressed up like Sailor Mercury at Fanime & Wonton has more goddamn comic books than I don't know who, are standing on the sidelines ripping on everyone else. Y'all walk into it though & NONE of us can stand to let an opportunity to point out someone else's faults or straight up wackness go by. When we clown, it's all love. Hell if you notice we are there too, except when we go home most of us in the crew will be having sex & you won't. Moving on...

We get to the spot the crowd is kinda sparse, it was a Wednesday, I guess that couldn't be helped as she was on her way to Boston or some shit. The real fans came to show love. When we walked inside I immediately regretted not wearing my State Alchemist uniform & that's something that will forever haunt me.

Nana walks on to the stage to perform I think 3 songs...nice style Nana I dug it. Cabral pointed out how hot she was & I just looked at him in disgust & was all like "duh". Oh I forgot to mention that when she introduces herself she say's "Hi I'm Nana, I'm Japanese Princess" yes you are Nana, yes you are.

I absolutely love Kesenai Tsumi & bobbed my head furiously. She did great & I think I speak for the whole crew when I say "sugoi!" We couldn't stomach the Q&A session because of all the dumbasses so after taking a few flix we hightailed it to Tad's for a working man's steak for $12 bucks.

Nana Kitade in store highlights:
1. Nana Kitade
2. Nana Kitade's style
3. Nana Kitade's rockin' good music
4. The cutie pie that got her bass guitar signed by Nana
5. Watching the otaku scum bastards nearly knock the little table that held the free pocky & green tea over in their mad rush for food.
what they should have done is just dumped all the pocky & tea into a trough & let those otaku scum bastards feed from a communal trough
6. Steak at Tad's afterwards

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Freefall Jones said...

Nice double re-cap guys. I like the photos and your write-ups. It's like YODC was officially covering an event or something. Wait... we should actually try and do that.

Not enough coverage of the cute girl that got her bass signed, though.