Aug 17, 2006

Pic of the Day..."Dreams Do Come True"...Edition

well not exactly but pretty damn close...Aya Matsuura's AV twin Ran Monbu , teams up with Chinatsu Abe, an "actress" who bares a striking resemblence to Natsumi Abe, in this dvd entitled "Ayaya Cos Nacchi Cos"

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"In another wacky production involving a fantasy with Hello Project members Aya Matsuura and Natsume Abe comes this uncanny DVD by Moodyz featuring their lookalike counterparts Monbu Ran and Chinatsu Abe. Taking on the roles of these famed J-pop stars showing us what it would be like to see these celebrities in heat and in full hardcore action. Cosplay being a strong theme, they wear trademark uniforms scene from their videos and concerts (arabian princss, and cowgirls) as well as taking on other roles as slut nurses, and even maid characters from "He is my Master." While they occasionally take the time to shine the spotlight on themselves to show off their excellent skills in pleasuring men, it's mostly a tag team effort with both of them teasing one lucky guy through a series of licking and sucking exercises which eventually lead to an orgy of sexual bliss throughout this 2 DVD set."

we did a Ayaya and Ran Monbu comparison in a previous post so here is the Natsumi and Chinatsu rundown...

Natsumi Abe

Chinatsu Abe

Natsumi Abe

interestingly enough, this Chinatsu movie is entitled "Morning Coffee"


Anonymous said...

You know, the term "morning coffee" in Japanese implies something. If you were to say to a girl "let's drink morning coffee" you're really saying let's sleep together. It's kind of old slang, I've heard.

Peter in Japan said...

Haha, yes, the Japanese have a great sense of humor about this. Currently, Rola Satoh ( is the big look-alike, resembling Aya Ueto. There's even a video done in the "Attention, Please!" style.