Aug 9, 2006

WARNING!!! You will shit yourself - Eriku edition

I've mentioned that I like Doramas & slice of life anime way more than the standard robo mecha fare. I read about this anime in New Type awhile ago & I actually bought volume 1 at Best Buy. After watching it though I decided that I didn't want to be seen by anyone at the mall holding a copy of this anime.

Long story short it's a cartoon about incest. Ooooh La La.
I lifted this from
Koshiro, a professional wedding consultant, has recently been dumped by his girlfriend when he crosses paths with a cute high school girl. Though inappropriate due to their age difference (he’s 27, she’s 15), he winds up on what passes for a date with her, where he ultimately displays more of his feelings than he had intended. The awkwardness of the situation is heightened tenfold when the two discover that she, Nanoka, is the little sister that Koshiro hasn’t seen in more than a decade – and she’s moving in with him and his divorced father in order to attend high school! Never a man comfortable with his emotions, Koshiro must struggle to sort out feelings that just won’t go away even in light of their status as siblings. And how does Nanoka feel about Koshiro? Could it be that she, too, has feelings for him as well, feelings that transcend their familial status, even despite Koshiro’s moody nature?

My favorite line from this series:
"Are we going to die together brother?"

My favorite scene from this series:
When Koshiro gets caught sniffing his 15 year old sister's bra!

I know none of you ever listen to me goddammit so follow the link to Wonton's personal blog because he basically co-signed on this shit for me & gave it the ole' Wonton seal of approval too.

Um...Craig you may want to steer clear of this one bro.



Anonymous said...

OMG LOL not for me. Definitely not for me :D

Watched the opening sequence though and yes the song is beautiful.

*I made a special post just for Tsuji on my blog... to tell you the truth it would've been nice to post it here... how does that work? Can I join YODC?*

Langdon Alger said...

invite coming your way craig and welcome aboard....

Tsuji Eriku said...

Koi Kaze = Craig Kaze

Anonymous said...

^ LOL I only have older sisters!

OK thanks Langdon