Sep 2, 2006

More Nana Goodness-Mo ichido anatta no tame ni

I posted the PV on Tsuji No Uchi, but then! I found this live version of the awesome awesome song "Endless Story" by the so so hot Yuna Ito. She starts to cry near the end of the song & it was so touching. You all know how much I love it when pretty girls cry, & I love this song, it has been on repeat in my deck for a couple days now because I watched Nana again. For those that failed to take my advice last time I posted a song from the hit movie Nana, I'll say it again. Pick up the Movie, manga & soundtrack now!
This song was featured in Nana & in the movie was done by Trapnest. Enjoy.

"Endless Story" live by Yuna Ito (complete with tears!)

God I love it when she swoons "mo ichido anatta no tame ni"
YES! YES! Yuna once more for my sake YES!!!!!


Tsuji Eriku said...

It was so touching when she cried I started touching myself.

Langdon Alger said...

do you cry too when you see pretty girls cry? neither..

Marckymarc said...

Hey, now I remember where I heard this song... It's a very nice rendition of an old Faith Hill song - If I'm Not In Love. Well technically Faith covered the song as well from Kathy Troccoli.