Sep 27, 2006

Tsuji on Film: Tokyo Drift

Say what you will you jerks but yes I did pick up a copy of Tokyo drift on dvd. No I'm not one of those asian dudes that has a "slammed" honda with whatever on it & the nitrous whatever. Don't get me wrong I can appreciate the look of these racer cars they definitely look cool & go fast I guess. I just never understood why some of our friends raced. I attended some illegals & aside from the hot chicks that also attended I really didn't see the point of some of my friends pumping all that cash into their rides when ultimately they were ruining them & beating the shit out of them.
I guess it can all be chalked up as an expensive ass hobby ne. Like I said before, yes I did like how the cars looked, the cars definitely looked clean. Oh, & the chicks did jock the racers too. The more I think of it that should be reason enough....moving on.

Tokyo Drift. The reason why I picked up a copy was #1 the eye candy, #2 I looked at this as an opportunity to see my beloved Tokyo in a major Hollywood feature film, #3 I heard rumors that some Japanese actors were in it & I wanted to see my peeps get some shine.

All in all, the movie is entertaining, yeah it's everything you expect & we will all probably forget about it after watching it.

Justin Lin did a good job I thought. What I liked is that he pretty much brought all his friends from Better Luck Tomorrow along for the ride. What I thought was funny was all the actors that were in Better Luck Tomorrow kept the same names as their Character's names in Better Luck Tomorrow.
I know if I blew up then I'd have to have the YODC crew doing cameos in my music videos, movies WHATEVER! Better Luck Tomoorrow is an excellent film & you all should check it out.

I did see Satoshi Tsumabuki for a hot second. He's the dude at the start of the race (ready, set-to) GO! dude. One word in the whole movie, score! Too bad I'm a fan too. I loved him in Slow Dance & Orange Days.

Yoko Maki plays the main character's dad's Japanese um "girlfriend" although she wasn't introduced to the fam so I think using the word "girlfriend" would be a stretch, I think that she was a lady of the night. In the official full billing Tokyo drift credits she's billed as Woman at Boswell's apartment. I most recently enjoyed Yoko Maki's performance in Tokyo Friends, interestingly enough she plays a really promiscuous OL that gets fired after an Executive's wife complains to his company's management & in Japanese fashion she gets fired instead of the Executive getting reprimanded. ANYWAYS she has two whole words ("Ja Matta") in the movie as she sneaks away embarrased that her trick's son has caught them together. Oh, & here's a better picture of Yoko Maki, one without her in Grudge makeup. Gomen Maki san.

Ah the lovely Kitagawa Keiko gets a little more screen time than the last two actors. Very cute & cuddly is how I would decribe Keiko Chan. Chou kawaii! I really haven't seen her in anything other than my Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon dorama. I really wish I hadn't written that just now.
Anyways click on her name to see just how cute & cuddly she is. I wouldn't stand a chance against her bros all she had to do was ask & I'd lay the world at her feet. Sigh.
P.S. Those pics were found on a site claiming to be her official site. Somehow I doubt that's the case.

Last but not least your favorite & mine Sonny Chiba plays the Yakuza uncle of D.K.
Show some respect to an old school player y'all. Yeah he played a Yakuza well, afterall Sonny Chiba kicks much ass as is evident by all the ass he kicked in all his old flicks. Yes, he does scare me.

Tokyo looked lovely & if you have never been there the Tokyo scenes will only help to seduce you. The thing is the most exciting scene where there is a car chase through Tokyo & the cars actually drift through Shibuya crossing was fake! They recreated Shibuya crossing in Burbank or some shit & added CG of the buildings around Shibuya crossing to do that scene. They actually recreated Tokyo streets in L.A. for alot of the car chase scenes. Oh well. We do get to catch a glimpse of Tokyo here & there & it is glorious. In my mind I knew there was no way in hell they could pull that chase through Shibuya off in real life.

Movie is entertaining, probably a good movie to throw on while the guys are over for a BBQ or maybe even a good action date movie.

Big Ups to all the Japanese artists on the soundtrack. Teriyaki Boyz...I heard some Dragon Ash in there as well....Ja ne.


Anonymous said...

Initial D is a good film with similar subject matter but I'm not sure if it's Chinese or what...

Tsuji Eriku said...

yeah, initial D is based on a Japanese manga but the film was made in HK.