Dec 12, 2006

Tsuji's Quintuple PV Blowout Fest!

Kicking off this quintuple PV blowout is a personal favorite of mine Bonnie Pink's PV "Last Kiss"
When it's all rainy & grey outside I like to light a fire, put on some Bonnie Pink & beat my shit. For reals though, Bonnie Pink really has that cool sound that I dig. It makes me want to be in love, but then I jerk it & I snap out of it. I'm OK again.

I first got to know this group called My Little Lover by this song "Yes, Free Flower"
Then Wonton hooked it up with a burn of their first album. It didn't quite capture the feel of this song but there were some gems worth listening to. Check the group out if you have the time.

Do as Infinity "Grateful Journey"
Tomiko is cute in this performance, rocker girl cute.
Technically this isn't a PV but if other members of YODC don't have to know the difference between a PV or live performance or know how to count then I don't either.


Langdon Alger said...

nice..I really like that My Little Lover cut..makes me want to cry THEN beat my shit and probably cry again

Anonymous said...

nice songs thanks

Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

Great picks sir. I'm still wondering why the band called themselves "my little lover?" many connotations inflicted on that one. probably will have many criticisms here in the US. but who cares what the U.S. thinks! This is good music!

Anonymous said...

I think Garamond would prefer "My little pony" ;)

Tsuji Eriku said...

@ Craig


holy shit! that was funny, I don't know why, it just was.

Anonymous said...