Jan 5, 2007

urbal worldwide

urbal apparel

Shameless self promotion, I know. But in an attempt to catch the eyes of trendy kids rocking BAPE, BBC, SWAGGER, & NESTA BRAND out in Tokyo my business partner & I thought I should rock some of our urbal gear to see if I get any queries..."sore wa nan desu ka?"

nani? oh this? this is the illest brand on the planet fool! urbal apparel. Watashi no meishi desu, yoroshiku o negai shimasu!



Langdon Alger said...

hot shit man!..

Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DelaSantos Reyes Jr. said...

The shirts look like some shit from the 80s.

Tsuji Eriku said...

well you just disrespected my rastafarian religion

I'm gonna sick some of my "rasta extremists" on you

so does your hair paco. your hair-do looks like some shit from the 80's

Kings of Barry said...

looks pretty sick (dope)... are those the only designs you guys have. would love to see more. peace!

Tsuji Eriku said...

Thanks Barry.
Well we'd have more if Paco would get to work on designs.
Just kidding Paco I know you have other clients, you act like you're waiting for us to pay you or something.
Keep an eye on www.urbalapparel.com
especially in the next year.

Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DelaSantos Reyes Jr. said...

Hey, the "Urbal Target" t-shirt was finished months ago! Hit me up when you get back from the Far East.

Anonymous said...

urbalapparel.com is the website i found that has hella designs. I think these guys are from San Francisco.

Langdon Alger said...

actually our very own Tsuji Eriku is one of the partners/founders of Urbal Apparel...thanks for the comment though