Feb 13, 2007

Free Hugs for Valentines day: Tokyo edition

free hugs outside of Shibuya Station
song: "Tohmawari" by Katsufumi Takeuchi

free hugs at Yoyogi park
song: "sign" by Mr. Children from Orange Days dorama


Langdon Alger said...

do you know if there was a time limit on the hugs? and if you can get more than 1 hug?..

craig said...


Maybe they should have tried writing the signs in Japanese LOL

craig said...

Oh more success towards the end anyway :)

If I did it I bet I'd get big gay people coming up to me :P or maybe arressted for hugging kids LOL

Tsuji Eriku said...


Garamond said...

Very nice. I want to hug those girls too!