Feb 7, 2007

Tsuji no Penisu wa shiawase deshita

Not safe for work or school

So, I came down with something while I was in Tokyo probably from eating the raw chicken at that izakaya, the same day I saw this all over the news. Against my better judgment I put some wasabi on that sumbatch & ate it. When in Rome.

The up side to this little story is I got admitted to a hospital that had freaky deaky nurses that were curious to see my penisu. Since I was on holiday I recorded the whole thing with my DV cam click the above link to see what transpired.


I heart Japan


Craig said...

LOL they all got in on it huh ;)

It's amazing you didn't cum sooner hehe

Langdon Alger said...

I love the tag line for this vid..

"Hot Asian nurses amazed by a cock and play with it as a group.."