Feb 26, 2007

Tsuji's Harem volume 1

Sayumi Michishige. Cuter than cute. Unfortunately I have a feeling that after spending 3 hours with this sweet thang I would grow really annoyed. I would definitely father some children with this hottie. But beyond the hot sex on a platter she would be free to spend her days throwing my hard earned cash around while our good looking kids were being looked after by their nanny. Sadly I'm fine with that.
Kitagawa Keiko. Cute and sexy. Cuddly . She smells nice. I would do it to her then lay there in bed for a few hours talking shit about Sayumi with her. I try all the freaky experimental sex shit with Keiko Chan cause she's soooo down for it.
Akiko Yada. Wifey material straight up. This is the one I bring home to mamma, everytime I hold my press conferences Akiko Chan can be seen sitting by my side. All the kids me & Akiko have are heirs to the Tsuji family empire. Please believe it.
Aragaki Yui. When I can get away Gakky Chan is there to have fun with me. We have mega fun together. Plus when I do it to her my naughty parts tickle like a sumbatch. I am quite fond of Gacky, even though me & her are on the "down low" I would never want her to be unhappy, so she dates other dudes, but only if I approve. I want her to get with somebody that's gonna be stable & that can take care of her.

it smells like bleach in here

I think I've officially lost it now....

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Craig said...

My naughty parts tickle too but I got some cream for that now X)