Mar 31, 2007

Japan Nite 2007

Damn why didn't you motherfuckers tell me I had to send money to Comcast every month to get internet service? I know I'm putting myself on blast right now, but you guys know I don't give a shit. I've been on some real dead beat shit lately & the internet service was cut off for a couple weeks. It was hell trying to use my ketai to browse the internet, HELL I TELL YOU!

Anyways, Japan Nite was awesome this year. Out of all the years I went this was by far the best time I've had.The line up was great & the different bands played a nice mixture of music that kept me entertained throughout the evening. I had never seen or heard of any of the bands that played so that was a big bonus. I love discovering new music/bands.

There was the otaku scum element in the house but this time I was really surprised to see that there was a shitload of hot Japanese women there too. There was definitely more Japanese in the house more so than any of the previous Japan Nites, I wonder if it's just the word of mouth, I really didn't see a change in the promotion this time. Maybe college radio promo?

I rolled up there with Tammy Chan & we met Cabraru & Rolo up at the Independant.

First up was a band called Asakusa Jinta. I read some shit online that described their music as "hard marching music". They had a great presence onstage & they rocked their set, it was different & cool. They had this chick playing what I think was a sax, she ripped shit, oh their lead singer played a stand up bass. They had this beautiful girl playing the accordian. They were different & I liked their set alot, enough to pick up their cd. Unfortunately the energy I felt when they played live didn't transer well on the studio recording. Regardless of that fact I would definitely go & see them play again if they were in town.

Next Oreska Band took the stage. I love ska, more poppy ska & this was up my alley. The leader seemed to be the trombone player, she was cute & talked alot during the set. I loved their style & swagger. They were cute & cool! I purchased their cd as well. I had never heard of them before & was surprised to find a Pocky commercial featuring them on you tube. Check it out!

The 50 Kaitenz were next. Sou desu can I describe them? How about HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I love these guys, they rocked out & had alot of flavor & style. They were funny as shit too. They had a very unique look, they had us in stitches. I was disappointed that they didn't have a cd for sale, at least I didn't see one for sale.

Go!Go!7188 was awesome, they had a great sound. I enjoyed their set alot. Solid.Solid. Solid. I would definitely see them again if they happened to be in town.

The last band was HY, their name is inspired by the band's hometown of Higashi Yakane located on the east coast of Okinawa's main island. At first we were like ehhh...but just when I was considering writing them off they unleashed the rock. They had a great mix in their music. I loved how they have two members that can sing lead. A male vocalist & female vocalist, this allows for greater variety. I liked their set so much that I bought two of their cds. To be honest their cds get the most play! A good half of their songs sound like the opening themes to tv doramas, then the other half of their songs sound lik the ending themes to tv doramas. it's kinda funny but just listen & you'll understand what I'm talking about.

A great time, I'm glad I went. The crowd had a lot more wimmins this time too. I am already looking forward to next years Japan Nite. Next year if the tour hits your town you owe it to yourself as a Jpop culture fanatic to go.


Craig said...

Sounds like some nite :)

Perhaps the group attracted their own groupies increasing the size & quality of crowd.

I couldn't find these guys music on their site so I YouTubed them: The 50 Kaitenz

Tsuji Eriku said...

Dude that part of their set was hilarious!

Pasia said...

I happened upon your blog when I Googledm "oreska" and I'm so glad to see more people liking HY. I've been a fan since my friend introduced me to them 3-4 years ago.