Mar 3, 2007

Wondercon Report: Tsuji Edition

shatsu ya...

dvd ya....

gangu ya...

magazine ga arimasu

The day starts out with me stopping by my mom's office to borrow $300 big ones from her. My mom's pretty cool but she did roll her eyes at me after she asked me what the money was for. I don't have to lie to my mom she knows that her son is an idiot.& spends all his money on video games, comics, cool kicks & toys.

Langdon swings by Tsuji no Uchi to pick me up & after a quick stop at Jack in the Box for some mid morning grinds we were on our way. Langdon was blasting the entire M Flo catalogue because he just watched some concert dvd that was kick ass, I didn't mind at all because M Flo has some ill beats yo.

We get to the venue & we were all thrown off because they moved the event to a different building that it usually is held at. We turn the corner & Langdon & I stop for a second & look at each other like we were on the planet Htrae.

"Uh oh, Wondercon disappeared"

All we had to do was look across the street to see all the nerds in line to get in to Wondercon.

Langdon & I do a "quick sweep"(tm) of the convention floor to get an idea of what people are selling. I saw a G1 re-issue of Soundwave with Lazerbeak & Ravage. I peed a little in my pants. I saw that there was some good bootlegs out there for a decent price too. I saw a couple t-shirts that looked cool in XXL.

Afer the quick sweep, you do a "quick strike"(tm) on the must have items, things that you cannot leave without (selling for a price you can live with).

I picked up a bootleg dvd of Urotsukidoji that had all 5 mivies on it for $15. Now for those of you who have never seen Urotsukidoji or Legend of the Overfiend as it was introduced to me as a young lad of 15 years, then I highly recommend that you see it. I am not really into hentai but this series of films was my first experience in the erotic horror genre of Japanese animation, if there is even such a genre, and it made a huge impact on me. Every other hentai movie that ever touched on the grotesque & horror aspects along with the sex sex sex seemed to me like a blatant rip off of Urotsukidoji, carbon copies folks, that's my opinion. I only need to own 1 set of films in the nasty animation catagory & that set of films is Urotsukidoji.

Went to swoop up the t shirts I was diggin, one was featuring Bullet Bill from Super Mario Bros. & another featuring a cool drawing of r2d2 & C3po. Oh yeah XXL in the house. I love it when they call be big poppa.

Langon & I each picked up a Bandai action figure of Jet Jaguar. Awesome.

And for the sonofabitch moment of Wondercon 2007....
I went back to the guy that I saw selling the Soundwave for $60 eh, I guessed I could live with that price & for the life of me I didn't see but one other vendor selling the toy & the other guy was selling his for $65.
I went back & there are no soundwaves on the shelf....damn somebody beat me too it. I run back to $65 guy & reluctantly hand over the cash. Seconds after I become the proud owner of a $65 Soundwave Generation 1 re-issue, Langdon runs over to me with a huge grin on his face. Why's that you ask? Well it's because he found some guy selling soundwave for $50. Langdon loves to see me in pain so that pretty much made his day. I literally felt as though I got dragged into the restroom & gang raped by 12 black guys. And before anyone starts thinking I'm racist stop right there because I have count em' one black friend & I even let him in my house once.

I picked up a few more movies, here's my complete list:
Urotsukidoji perfect collection
Death Note
The Sinking of Japan
The Curse of the Golden Flower
Otakus in Love

We hooked up with Freefall & watched this guy talk about his one-man star wars show. He was pretty funny.

Langdon & I took off after that to Nihon Machi, we hit up Kinokuniya & I bought an Ollie magazine. Then it was on to Yakiniku. It was Langdon's first time to eat Yakiniku but something tells me it won't be his last. We ate like a mother effer at Juban. My only concern after dinner was whether or not we'd make it home before I shit all over my self because I ate so goddamn much.

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Langdon Alger said...

I love yakiniku so much that I'm going to name my first born, be it a boy or a girl, Yakiniku..Yakiniku Alger..that has a nice ring to it..