Mar 13, 2007

Wookin' Pa Nub

Now those that know me know that I am a realist. At the same time I consider myself to be a hopeless romantic. Chotto it possible to be both? On one hand I think I get straight to the point in making decisions in my life in regards to my work & my love life & relationships. I pride myself in keeping it real & not having any fantasies or illusions about what is going on in my life.

Then I go home & watch 1 Liter of Tears or Densha Otoko, I ain't gonna lie, I crave the romantic situations & love affairs I see being played out in those dramas.

But,I believed that fate would put me in the right place at the right time. The stars & the planets would be perfectly aligned & I would bump into the next Jennice or Glynnis. I would let nature take it's course just like it happened before. I thought that using things like myspace or an online dating service was wiggety wack. I have never had a problem getting pussy, I almost thought that doing something like signing up for an online match making service or friend network would be stooping pretty low.

Now the reality of being single at my age (sanju sai desu)is pretty harsh. I am a guy that has pretty specific tastes in women, I also want to move to Tokyo & I have been actively trying to move to Japan for the past year. There's a couple women that have expressed interest in dating me & possibly growing a relationship into something more. Very nice girls but not my type physically, again they are from the San Francisco Bay Area & I am trying to move to Japan. Even when I did bump into a girl that I thought was super hot (Roxy)I really felt that age was a factor (she was 20 at the time we met) & she was having fun going out & so active at her school that I felt we were worlds apart & the only thing that kept me active in any exchange with Roxy was that she was a hot piece of ass. Then there's the whole I want to move to Japan thing again. So what's the use? Why spend all the time & energy in cultivating a romantic relationship, getting hung up emotionally then leave? Trust me folks, at my age & after all I've been through in life, even if Roxy & I did get something going if I had the opportunity to move to Japan I still would move & leave that sweet hot 20 year old ass here in San Francisco.

There's not too many places I can go to meet new women either. I don't really like to go clubbing, let's see...I met Mariya at a seminar for work, I met Lauri at a club & I met Roxy at a restaurant, she was waiting tables while my friends & I were drinking at the bar.

As time went on I started to think more & more about giving an online network a shot, I could cut to the chase & meet women in Tokyo that meet the criteria for a suitable partner for romantic activities I have set up , get to know them first & hang out when I go there, I do try to get out there every six months or so anyways & if I do happen to land a job then even better, I'll be in the area anyways.

I signed up for a "friend network" last Saturday. I kept it real in my profile, I really put who I am & what my interests etc. are. It's all there, all real. I uploaded a photo & now that the bait is out there, let the online adventure begin!

My free account limits my ability to communicate with other people on the network with paid accounts. I just can't bring myself to shell out any cash for this. I keep thinking of the poor otaku scum bastards that are getting sold the dream of hooking up with a real live chick from Japan. I'll keep it free style for now & see what happens. I logged in today & saw that 3 chicks looked at my profile hehe. One of them was pretty fly, she was pretty cute. I must say it was kinda fun browsing all the profiles today.

I'm not sure how I want to go about writing about this online adventure. If I do meet any chicks I'm not sure I'd want to put them on blast here at YODC, I'd want to respect their privacy & that's the only reason why I didn't mention which network it is I signed up for. It's actually not that hard to figure out. It has nothing to do with what I put on my profile, because I kept it real anyways.

Any stories will be true but I do want to protect the privacy of the subjects of my articles that are in the dark in regards to YODC.

Well, stay tuned this promises to be pretty fun, funny & who knows I just might meet someone worth getting to know or having sex with.

Excerpt from Tsuji's profile:
(in regards to the type of person I would like to hook up with)
What's sexy: A woman that is not afraid to admit she has oktaku tendencies! Someone with cute style & a cute smile.


craig said...

Good luck Tsuji ♥

Garamond said...

I've been registered on a site like that for a while, but I haven't found anyone I like enough to get up the nerve to contact yet.
And the ones I really really like are definitely - well most probably at least - too young. Like 20-25 or so. :(

Anyway, good luck Tsuji!

Squanto said...

good luck. sounds like it's going to be fun!

Son of Gigan said... the dark side claims another...

Tsuji Eriku said...

I would't say that SoG. I am trying to use it to concentrate on a pool of women that meet a certain criteria, see if there's anything worth hollerin' at. My bullshit meter is intact still. I always bat my weight.
That has always been the reason for any success I have garnered in the past.
I don't really see it as any different than me meeting Lauri at the club or hollerin' at Roxy at the bar she was working at except now I'm concentrating on women that live in an area I wouldn't mind settling down at.

I'm one of your biggest supporters & a firm believer in the undisputed truth about women. How have I contradicted the doctrine?

Craig said...
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Son of Gigan said...

Tsuji my friend (if you're still reading this after something like two weeks after posting), it wasn't meant as an insult. But your worry over your "age" is troubling. Are you 95 years-old? Age doesn't matter.

The "dark side" I speak of is the countless number of men who force themselves into "romantic" relationships because they feel, and they're told, that they HAVE to be in them. These sad men feel that they are somehow incomplete, or even less masculine if they are single. So they resort to things like "friend finders,", or self-help books to "cure" them of their single status. If a relationship is something you TRULY crave and you TRULY believe that you can't find it in the real world, then more power to you. But don't let silly factors like age dictate your actions. Women are supposed to be the ones who are depressed over being single.