Apr 3, 2007

Just What the Doctor Ordered.

The 10 rules...
1. Don't ask her to be feminine
2. Don't let her drink over three glasses
3. Drink coffee instead of Coke/Juice
4. If she hits you, act like it hurts. If it hurts, act like it doesn't
5. On your 100th day together, give her a rose during her class
6. Make sure you learn fencing and squash
7. Be prepared to go to prison sometimes
8. If she says she'll kill you, don't take it lightly
9. If her feet hurt, exchange shoes with her
10. She likes to write. Encourage her

First off I feel like such a poser. I claim to be a dorama/asian film guy & I have never seen My Sassy Girl in it's entirety. Granted I concentrate most of my viewing on what is happening in Japan, there is really no excuse for me not seeing this gem of a movie until now. I knew it was a classic & yet it slipped through the cracks for me. All this time I had been leading a dull existence, an existence that would have been alot brighter had I seen nay experienced this wonderful romantic comedy so expertly pieced together.

I had been in the mood to smile, laugh & cry for some time my friends. Yet there seemed to be nothing in my recently acquired arsenal of J doramas & asian films that could deliver all three things at once. I needed to laugh like I did when I watched Shaolin Soccer, smile like I did when I watched Kikujiro & cry like a little bitch like when I watched Crying Out Love in the Center of the World (tv dorama version beeyotches). To get what I needed I had no idea that I had to flash back as opposed to dipping into my more recent finds.

My Sassy Girl delivered. It delivered like you wouldn't believe.

Being asian & living in the San Francisco Bay Area, hanging out with asians oh I heard about My Sassy Girl when it was first released. The hype was there & copies were being passed around but somehow I missed it.

I am just happy that I have finally seen it & it deserves a place in my dvd collection without a doubt.
Langdon you'll be happy to know that our Korean brothers have much more than Bul Go Gi , Kim Chee & BoA up their sleeve. Our Buddy Kim Young Mok has been trying to tell me that Korea brings the heat for awhile. Amen to that brother.

The girl reminded me alot of Jennice, the way she looked & how she was fucking mean as shit. Boy I felt sorry for Gyeon woo when the girl unleashed her fury. Been there & done that my brother.

The comedy was on point. The movie delivered a hefty dose of that dorama to make it rain in your eye holes. It was just plain sweet & cute.
You will not be dissappointed by the ending either. The ending of the movie makes you feel like you just busted the most satisfying nut ever.

I know I'm tardy motherfuckers but I'm here now so let me rant so I can move on. JA

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Garamond said...

Congrats Eriku! :p