Apr 1, 2007

World Figure Skating Championships, Tokyo 2007

Yu Na Kim

Asada Mao

Ando Miki
Last weekend, I left the house only once to restock on Newman's Lemonade & frozen pizza & to go next door to the grocery market & exchange a blockbuster movie. I mostly watched dvds & played Lost Planet (bravo Capcom!).
I did a fair share of channel surfing as well. One of the gems I came across was the World Figure Skating Championships being held in Tokyo. I was fortunate to see the women's free skate. It was glorious I tell you, simply GLORIOUS!

I was happy to see Japan dominate on the home turf with Miki Ando taking it all & the kawaii Mao Asada taking second. I saw South Korea's Yu Na Kim skate for the first time (what? It's not like a watch this shit all the time!) she did great despite a back injury, taking 3rd place.

Craig you would have definitely loved it, I must say I was definitely entertained, no there was nothing sexual about it assholes. They are extremely gifted athletes, the whole lot of them.


craig said...

Hmm yes great form.

BVA said...

I too watched a figure skating competition this weekend. Although it was pairs figure skating featuring the stylings of Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy. The first all male pairs figure skaters.