Apr 4, 2007

YODC Radio...lost tapes

so this kicks off a new feature from the YODC Crew..podcasting...its been(and still is) in the planning stages right now but this is a little taste of what you can expect. This particular show was recorded well over a year ago but "due to technical difficulties" beyond my control, it hasn't been able to see the light of day until now. Its actually the 3rd podcast(the previous 2 will probably be uploaded in the not so near future) Eriku and I recorded but probably the one we had the most fun doing. Basically we sat around, watched a bunch of jpop videos and commented on them, sort of like YODC's version of Mystery Science Theater. So kick back listen and enjoy?

oh to clear up any confusion, we used our old aliases for this show: Tsuji Eriku as ES(his old emcee name) and Langdon Alger as Pro(my DJ name) AND at the time, the podcast was called Mecha Media Radio

YODC Radio DL here

and if you'd like to watch along with us, here's the playlist:

Morning Musume Koko Ni Iruzee!

Namie Amuro Girl Talk

Morning Musume GO GIRL ~ Koi no Victory

BoA Amazing Kiss

Yuko Ogura Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko

Hinoi Team Night of Fire

Namie Amuro Wowa

Morning Musume-Otome Gumi Yuujou ~Kokoro ni BUSU niwa Nara nee

Asuka Hinoi Tatta Hitori no Kimi

Berryz Koubou Fighting Pose wa date ja nai

Razor Ramon HG Young Man

SweetS Lolita Strawberry in Summer

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Radicalpatriot said...

It's great to have these rare videos surface once again!