May 14, 2007

Bow Down Muthaf*ckas!

I remember seeing the end of "Game of Death" as a kid, fighting to hold back the tears to no avail. I remember the fist fight that almost broke out during Physics class at Heald College over the debate over who was better Jet Li or Bruce Lee, Wonton, 100% panda, goes with Bruce, who would know better than a Chinaman? I go with Bruce too, hands down. So I present to you the ending credits of "Game of Death". Yeah I know it was pure ass for the most part but it was our last chance to see our hero do his thing...just one last time.

The ending credits make up for the shoddy special effects, the ending sequence was a montage of some of the most memorable scenes from all the greatest Bruce Lee hits set to "Will This be the Song I'll be Singing Tomorrow" by John Barry & Colleen Camp.

If this doesn't bring you to tears you are not human.

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Alien said...

Take me to your leader... We have ways of reviving this man.

In our society the cultivation of Martial Art has led to eons of peace.