May 29, 2007

Fanime 2007

Re-issue Blaster $60
Unicron Japanese Release $60
flcl Lord Canti $70
God Magnus Japanese Release $40

My internet shiznit was trippin'. Anyways it seems to be working fine now so here's my Fanime 2007 report. I have been looking forward to Fanime all year, I brought a significant load to blow too. I picked up the toys shown above & had a great time, I was disappointed that there were no arcade games set up this year. It also seemed that the musical guests featured could have used some work. It's my guess that money may have played a part in that. I would have loved to have seen ZZ again but they only performed on Thursday night & the event was only open to those who pre registered for the convention.
We sat in for an episode of Kirarin Revolution starring Koharu Kusumi. I have to say I loved it. Both Langdon & I agree that Koharu's stock is rising, I now get a semi boner when I look at her as opposed to just getting pissed off everytime I see her. That my friends says alot about my feeling towards her.

After hanging out all day at the con we went to Sumiya for some yakitori. The food & ambience was off the chain, I felt as though I was back in Tokyo. There were two cute waitresses too that smelled real good, not a trace of grilled meat scent, they smelled like sakura blossom petals. I am definitely going back & possibly gonna ask my favorite waitress for her number.

After dinner Langdon & I stopped by Kinokuniya & picked up an xbox 360 launch guide for $1 & a hobby magazine also for $1 AND here's the kicker....Keyco's best of for $4, holy shit what a deal!


Langdon Alger said...

by the looks of Freefall's Fanime report at his blog..seems like they rolled out the videogames for the weekend festivities...and I was looking forward to see some jelly rolls take on DDR..

AND yes..the waitresses at Sumiya were as scrumptious as the kalbi we had and THEY DID smell like sakura blossoms..I know cuz I took a big wiff everytime they passed by..SUGOI!!

Freefall Jones said...

I don't know if it was set up on Friday -- but Exhibit Hall 3 had ALL gaming. PC, console, tabletop, and arcade. You totally missed out on Drum Mania and Para Para Paradise.

...SoG and I spent all our arcade money on the Pile Up game -- the one where you have to line up the moving squares of light. Top prizes were a video iPod and black DS Lite.

I don't have to tell you if we won or not. Just ask the wall with the hole in it.