May 20, 2007

g shock

Cabral will pick up this version.

I'll probably pick up this version. hehe.

Here's some 2007 special editions released in Japan. They go well with exclusive kicks, baggy jeans & fitted baseball caps turned backwards. They also go well with any Kick the Can Krew or Rip Slyme Cds.

After browsing the the G shock website I decided my first G shock would be this model retailing at about $90.00
I was able to find mine on Amazon for about $51 shipped

Cabral picked up the yellow version a few weeks ago in Tokyo for about $200 USD

G Shock watches are flavor, no doubt about it. They are flavor & rugged, able to withstand me knocking the thing around all the time. They are classic & go well with any urban get-up. Recently there have been some collaborations between G Shock & some highpost street, urban (for lack of a better term) fashion labels such as BAPE & Xtra Large. I have come to find out that in Japan Casio has put out many special edition G Shock watches not available in the U.S. market.


Langdon Alger said...

dope..I always wanted to pick up the one Michael Lau designed but $300 is a bit too much for my wallet..especially for a digital watch

craig said...

Craig's limited edition broken strap watch:

X) still gets used hehe

Tsuji Eriku said...

whatever, this is Craig's watch

Langdon Alger said...


craig said...