Jun 25, 2007

Natsu Yasumi Desu

First off I have been wanting to post comments but fucking blogger is trippin out. on this rare occasion that I can log in, I'm gonna take advantage of it.

Craig you have been posting some nice pics my brother. Woohoo!

That's right, it's summertime which means all the wimmins are wearing less & less. The fly honeys are out lookin good & smellin good. Dammit man.

This first one's for Craig, hai dozo.

From what I gather, she looks like Hyori lee which is the reason why she's on the show, chou kawaii!

This one's for the rest of us, Hyo ri Lee

Proving that our Korean homies got a lot more to offer than:
My Sassy Girl, Bul Go Gi, Kim Chee, BoA, Verbal, oh & langdon's favorite SM Town


Langdon Alger said...

ooooh yeah!!Hyori fauckin Lee!!..I'm sorry, she's hotter than your BoA..but BoA is WAY more talented than her

and what's SM Town?

Julia said...

SM Town <3 I'd share my interest in that but none of you are attracted to men and I'm in love with at least 10-15 (maybe more) male members of SM Town. (And FYI for those who many not know, BoA is part of SM Town. It's like SM Entertainment's H!P All Stars, but they release a single together twice a year.)

And that little girl is so cute!!!!!! Omg and she's going to be sooooooooo pretty when she's older, too.

I Now Also Like Cute Korean Girls said...

I ♥ that little girl *_*


Tsuji Eriku said...

Julia are you kidding me? Brian from SM Town is a good looking man, kako ii ( I can say that because I'm comfortable with my sexuality). Craig that's cool,hehe. I knew you could appreciate the cuteness!