Jun 1, 2007


I was not happy at all seeing the sneak peeks of the new Transformers flick. I hated the redesigns of the characters I loved from back in the days. Straight up I think they look like pure ass. Will I go see the flick? Yeah, I will. I'm almost doing it because I feel like I have to, I am not particularly excited seeing the new versions of my beloved childhood friends. Anyfuckenways, the new transormers toys will "officially" drop in retail stores everywhere tomorrow. There's only two things that I want from the movie line & that's the Optimus Prime voicechanger/helmet mask thingy & the Optimus Prime toy. All the other toys can eat a fat one & then they can all die slow. So on my way to the office tomorrow (yeah that's right they're making me work OT on a saturday morning) I'm gonna stop by Target to get an Optimus of my very own.

My name is Tsuji Eriku. I am 31 years old. I live with my grandma.

This guy's no Dcompose but he's the spittin image of Wonton (even acts gay around transformers like wonton too)

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Langdon Alger said...

man..i might have to drop by target on my way to work tomorrow and pick up that Optimus Prime helmet..you think if I go into the office wearing it, I'll impress the cute chick I work with?

"my name is Langdonis Prime..I want you to lick my energon cubes"