Jun 5, 2007

you know you're hot when

Pharrell & The Cream Team

Ice Cream dvd vol1. I personally wouldn't buy it but it was entertaining & funny. Borrow Cabral's copy, it's worth a rental

uh nyc heads hating on ice cream skate team

people hate on you constantly.

I got to see the Ice Cream Skate Team dvd vol 1 this weekend. To be honest I don't follow skating at all & I knew that TK could skate just by catching random clips here & there & seeing him hanging out with BAM. I didn't expect that the rest of the team could skate to be honest with you. I imagined that hey all were just picked because they could kinda skate & they looked good in ice cream/bbc/bape gear.

After watching the dvd it was nice to see that the kids could skate. It was mostly what you imagine, a bunch of young guys acting a fool & skating, I was impressed by more than a few of the tricks pulled off.

The footage in Tokyo was kinda funny, if TK came at me like that I'd slap the dude in his grill piece. No wonder the dude got shot.

It cracks me up with all the skaters online debating how real the Cream Team is & that Pharrell is a poser & a real skating line should be by skaters for skater etc etc.

Oh god.

So much hatred. There seemed to be a lot of hostility for the bape/bbc/ice cream fan base too. I wonder what that is about. Deep down I don't really fucken care, I rock what I rock, if some rich kid has a problem with it say something, if some rich kid says what Im rocking isn't real it really doesn't bother me. I been through alot & been all over the U.S. and Japan, held real guns & been in fist fights, rocked mics on stage & at local house parties, produced tracks on a vintage sp12. & got down with mad bitches you think I give a damn about what some rich sneaker kid thinks?

Some gang banger stepped to me years ago, I was invited to a party & the person who invited me was from a crip hood, naturally there was a few crips in the place. I had a jacket that had some red on it so dude steps to me & asks me what set I claim, I told him straight up I don't bang, whoever has the most green that's who I want to be down with. By green I mean money.

Nigo/Pharrell are making mad money and people all over the place are hating it!

I rock the kicks & stuff because I think they are flavor, I'm one of the filthy few that is lucky enough to shop in the Tokyo stores so I don't get anally raped by the aftermarket prices on bape kicks.Do I think all of the bape/bbc/ice cream shit is flavor? No.

It cracks me up though, most of what nigo is doing is shit that we have been doing ever since. ie rocking camo army bdu's shell toes, airforce 1's, pumas & shelltoes, rocking carhart gear & g shocks. nigo took everything & put a neo tokyo twist on it. I dig it.

I'll rock it even if all the rich kids that collect sneakers stop wearig it. I'll keep wearing my Santastic gear & Nesta Brand too & a couple years from now they'll get up on it & claim it as their own.

Like verbal said I try to stay five light years ahead of y'all

and in the immortal words of ME Tsuji Eriku "I don't represent a city block, I represent everything in the world that's considered hot!"



craig said...

YouTube is down I'll be back to check these vids later.

You definitely have a certain depth though Tsuji, I can see that clearly (along with your 'brains' in the other post fsksfdkhsfd).

craig said...

OK "ouch" kshfak

2nd vid = very hostile crowd

Langdon Alger said...

you see the new Santastic gear?..they freakin made a Hasheem jersey!!..man, I'm gonna totally blow at the Santastic shop when we go to tokyo