Jul 2, 2007

I'm an a$$hole

I just turned down a free ticket to see Dir en Grey tonight at the Warfield because I'm so broke I can't afford the gas. What did we learn here kids? When you don't keep your money in line you miss out on good shit.


Langdon Alger said...

oh yeah?..I turned down a free ticket to catch the midnight showing of Transformers tonite cuz I gotta freakin work in the morning!!

wait..yours is much worse..nevermind

Julia said...

They're not even coming back to Toronto on this tour.
*Wallows in sorrow*

Julia said...

I would've walked even if it were really really far XD I'll do almost anything for Diru.
I've waited in line for four hours in February in freezing weather while I had a cold, to see them.
Call me a loyal fan or call me a fangirl...I'm probably both XD.
But now I'm so bummed that they're not coming back to Toronto. =(