Jul 15, 2007

Operation Robo-Recovery

Macfarlane's Anime series, Kaneda & his bike. Classic. I remember watching a bootleg tape of Akira in Highschool, it blew my mind.

Giant Wing Zero Action Figure big & bulky mecha, always will be a classic.


I rescue some of my gundam action figures too, some American releases, a few Japanese releases.

Oh, snap, Gundam Leopard from Gundam X he's missing one of the bombs that he keeps in his knees, gotta find it.

Mecha from Armored Core action figure

Mecha from Gundam Endless Waltz

Middle shelf, super articulated from Kaiyodo, Neon Genesis Evangelion figures, there's acouple Sega versions up there, but the Kaiyodo versions were crazy ridiculous. Evangelion really made an impression on me, classic. I used to spend a lot of money on the vhs versions back in the day.

sniping an angel...sick!

Thumbs up, angel in site.

I rescued some of my old toys from the garage. When I stored them I nelected to take proper care of my stuff & as a result I had to make a few minor repairs here & there. Overall I managed to come away with some of my old favorites nearly complete to complete but dusty as hell.

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craig said...

That last one looks pretty badass for a goody... but Angels are the bad guys in NeonGenesisEvangelion right? So it must be... (?)