Jul 1, 2007

YODC Nostalgiafest: Tsuji_Eriku

circa 1977 Little Tsuji & Moms chillin' on grandma's porch
me & langdon was chillin' on the same steps a few days ago smoking

Me & Chef Boyardee

Little Tsuji & Moms again at Grandma's House

Yep, 31 years later still chillin' on the same porch, eatin chef boyardee in the same kitchen & laughin histerically in the same living room. Life is good my friends.....life is good.


Langdon Alger said...

one of these days we gotta dig around your backyard and look for gi joes and stuff that you buried when you were a kid

craig said...


OMG cutee!! Your personality is awesome, it really shines through.

With your mum there and everything these really have a romantic feel.