Aug 20, 2007


A shout goes out to Kim Yung Mok & Johnny Tsan for shooting me a copy of the enormously popular K-Drama "The Green Rose". I decided to give this one a shot because it is soon to be released in Japan due to it's hit status in Korea. Plus, I was in the mood for a good cry & Kim Yung Mok & JT said this drama was a tear jerker.

Every so often if you haven't cried in awhile sometimes you need to weep for a's emotionally cleansing. I promise. Try it sometime. Don't worry. You're not gay.

Well what I thought would be a boohoo festival after the first 4 episodes turned out to be a revenge drama of biblical proportions.

Holy shitzu.

Long story short:
Simple nice guy falls in love with beautiful daughter of electronics company chairman/owner. Simple nice guy gets caught up in ellaborate plot to takeover said electronics company which involves the manipulation of beautiful daughter & the attempted murder of her father. Simple nice guy gets framed, thrown in prison for murder & arson. Out of extreme grief simple nice guy's even nicer mother committs suicide. Thus begins this tale of revenge.

This series has delivered alot of action which surprised me. I was not expecting that. I was expecting to cry like a little bitch when I found that I was sitting on the edge of my seat while our hero escaped Seoul by stowing away on a friggin tug boat en route to Shangai to confront the evil bitch that helped out the asshole that got our boy into this mess in the first place. Sugoi.
I also found myself cursing the antagonist, waving my fist at the big screen tv seething with anger.

But don't worry though there has been many opportunities to get my cry on. One of my favorite bitch out moments was when our hero who by now has languished in a dark dank Korean prison for sometime, at least an hour or so on my tv but that must translate into a year or so in the drama, gets a letter informing him that his mother has passed away. He takes the news like anyone normal person would after being framed & imprisoned for arson, murder & the attempted murder of your beloved's father, by going berzerk in his cell scaring the shit out of his cell mates, which is ironic because in actuality he's just a normal nice guy while his cell mates are probably the dregs of society, after going ape shit he falls to his knees & proceeds to bang his head on the floor until he cracks his peanut open & bleeds all over himself. Wow. That's must see tv my friends.

While I am far from finishing this drama I have seen enough of it to say that it is worth a ganders.

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