Sep 29, 2007

The Bay Dominates in Tokyo

Fresh off the DJ Sara & Ryusei post....

Actually none of us bum-outs that live in the bay can take an ounce of credit for the Legendary DJ Qbert but sometimes I do refer to the Bay/Cali as a dope DJ breeding ground, no disrespect, I just call it how I see it.

There is no doubt that DJ Qbert is definitely one of our hometown heroes. It's funny bumping into him while out & about. The last time I saw him he was eating dinner with his girl a couple booths down from me & Cabraru at Lucky Chances in Daly City. I remember he hollered at my ex-girlfriend Glynnis back in the day & asked for her number. How could I be mad at that? Hell, take the bitch Q, I'd gladly sell the dude one of my daughters for the bargain price of $0 dollars & .00 cents.

You see him around like a regular dude but he's like revered in the DJ world as a god & tours all over the world. You can't front on his skills & if you've ever watched an episode of the old Turntable TV you know his sense of humor is right up our alley.

So check out this interview on Tokyo FM with DJ Qbert, it's cool to see a local boy done good!

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Rangudon Argeru said...

growing up..most kids get a guitar or drums and start a band with their buddies but out here in the was getting turntables and a mixer and starting a dj crew with your friends..

I think I got my first turntable, yes one turntable..without pitch control too and mixer(from radioshack) when I was 13