Sep 26, 2007

urbal worldwide

My partner Dave has been traveling all over Norcal doing these "urbal inspiration" vids with his boy qwar (hope I spelled that right).

Anyways while urbal is bizness to me, to Dave it means much more, he came up with the concept & logo & it is no doubt his baby.

When Dave thought up urbal the basic concept for the line was being able to do you no matter where you are on this planet so-called Earth. The urbal line could be rocked with anything else you had in your wardrobe. If you were from the sunny meadows or the hood. If you listened to punk rock or Hip Hop. If you rode a skateboard or the train to work it was all good. You could do what you do & be fly.

Dave is inspired by many different things, hip hop, pop culture, skateboarding, etc with these PVs Dave wanted the people that rock urbal to express what inspired them. Pretty much all of the vids in the first batch feature hip hop & R&B artists from the Bay Area & Sacramento.

Mite kudasai


Anonymous said...

Yo E,
Much Love to YODC and especially you for reppin. Although these vids are just rough drafts, they still showcase what peeps are feelin when they rock urbaL! And thats wassup! Keep watch for HELLA more videos on peace

Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DelaSantos Reyes Jr. said...

I'll post the vid of the open mic clip I was at after it's been edited!