Sep 30, 2007

You know how we do

Kim Yung Mok working the grill yesterday. He decided to do what we call "whiteboy ribs", I guess they could be "blackboy ribs" too either way it's not usually how we prepare BBQ. Now I get down on the grill but the way Kim smoked them bad boys yesterday I had to admit that he knew what the hell he was doing. He says it was the first time he tried this & he went off of pure instinct. There is no "boiling of the ribs" bullshit going down here!
Rib preparation:
1. Removing the membrane from the ribs
2. Application of dry rub.
3. Mesquite smoking the ribs for 3.5 hours with a mop sauce consisting of dijon mustard, vinegar & salt.
4. Finishing the ribs with KC Masterpiece sauce then setting the sauce over open flame.

Them shits came out nice with a smoke ring & everything. We didn't eat rice yesterday but went with BBQ beans, grilled corn & garlic mashed potatoes. Kim also did up hot links as you can see, along with a tri tip.
Combine with beer & there's no wonder I took 3 shits so far today.


Rangudon Argeru said...

godamn!! guys grilled it up nice

Craig said...


Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DelaSantos Reyes Jr. said...

Damn, you and Kim ate all that up? Holy Cow!

Anonymous said...

What Eriku didnt realize was that my two dogs were gone....I mean missing. Thats how we get down, Korean style!

Kings of Barry said...

BBBQ looks goood

Tsuji Eriku said...

negro I thought you meant your two hot dogs were missing