Oct 10, 2007

Look what I got

So I went to Target Monday to get some toiletries & laundry supplies when I made my usual stop by the video game aisle & toys when lo & behold I spied a solitary Nintendo Wii locked behind the glass.

Now keep in mind that I had just read online that Nintendo pretty much announced to the world that they will not have enough Wiis to supply the holiday demand. Translation: there will be alot of disappointed kids this Christmas.

Well boo fucking hoo.

My first thought was to buy the console & flip it around Christmas time but by the end of the night that sumbatch was ripped out of it's box & set up in the one tiny space left in my entertainment center.

Well I couldn't just make due with Wii sports, oh GOD NO! So I spent some extra coin yesterday to buy the super Japanesy Dewey's Adventure by Konami. I love platformers, especially super cute bright platformers from Japan. The last time I played a kick ass platformer like that was Klonoa on PSone. Check out the video of Dewey's Adventure, unfortunately the cute Japanese girl does not come with the game.


Rangudon Argeru said...

YES!!..the next YODC luncheon is gonna be a Wii Party..I'll bring my 3 controllers

Garamon said...


Game looks nice too. :)