Oct 22, 2007

Mighty Crown Entertainment

Some of y'all rolled your eyes when I brought back that Young Bloodz Japanese Reggae compilation cd from Tokyo. But I love Japanese Reggae, see, Japanese people can study & deconstruct shit then reverse engineer that sumbatch into something so similar to the original in sound & vibe that it would be to Reggae/Dancehall what Splenda is to Sugar.

This group's called Fireball & they are down with Mighty Crown's Mighty Crown Entertainment.

Now Mighty Crown themselves...

You see that crowd??? Holy fucken shit, slap the next person that says Reggae aint big in Japan. I didn't realize how big Mighty Crown was, I'm getting an idea by the crowd that showed up to watch them spin dubplates & speak patois on stage. They speak patois more convincingly than Shaggy & Ini Kimoze, oh, snap.

I wasn't really sure what to make of Mighty Crown at first, I've seen them here & there in my Ollie & Samurai magazines, I did not know that they studied dancehall culture & perfected their sound system over the years participating in many a sound clash, often times winning them.

I found a clip on youtube of them at a sound clash in the UK basically surrounded by a crowd that sounded to me like they wanted them on the first flight back to Nihon but they spit that patois & spun some of the illest dubplates I've heard & eventually rocked the crowd hard enough to win the thing. Dem bwoy got big balls fe dat one seen. Check out the vids of them at clashes they are pretty crazy.

I personally don't quite get the whole "I'm only gonna play part of the song" thing then scream & yell over it to boot. But I love me some reggae, & the girls in the crowd are hot. SO peep it!

I had to come back & include this clip, holy shit that's crazy haha!

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Craig said...

Ha ha good audience interaction in last vid X)