Oct 9, 2007

Tsuji's Tokyo Adventures volume 1

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Last trip to Tokyo January 2007, I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon in Yoyogi park. After having lunch at Fuji Mamas with friends I strolled over to the park & spent all day there until the sun went down.

The park is like a circus man. In the course of my afternoon I saw an array of performance artists, live bands, some guys juggling, The Tokyo Rockabilly Club, skaters ripping shit, groups of young people practicing dance routines, I saw some dude practicing martial arts, a group of young Japanese playing what looked to be some type of drums from Africa in an ensemble, a model getting her picture taken & loads of cute girls.

The draw for me is the bands playing live, great entertainment for free. A great way to stretch my budget while in Japan.

This is one of the bands that I really liked called "Chocolate Chip Cookies" they rocked hard & their drummer was awesome!

More footage to come from my Tokyo adventures so stay tuned.


Rangudon Argeru said...

FINALLY!!!...glad that yer able to finally share this excellent footage..and you gotta get up the vid of that one "dude" singing and dancing

craig said...


Pat said...

A full band performing on the streets!?!?!? Another reason for me to go to Japan!!!